Contact tracing for business
Ensure a safer workplace, healthy employees, and smooth operations.

  • Ensure social distancing & trace contacts using wearables or apps
  • Screen and manage the health status of your employees
  • Manage who can enter the workplace, contact-free check-in

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Empowering the world’s largest HR departments

OkDetect incorporates advanced & anonymous contact tracing technology

Our health management system is the only one on the market which
securely detects contacts while running the app in the background.

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  • Automate and customize your daily employee health monitoring process using OkDetect. Use screening and self-reporting features to set employee's daily status (Green, Amber, or Red) to ensure that only healthy employees are able to work at the office.
  • Leverage our advanced contact tracing technology to rapidly detect which employee has been in contact with COVID-19 positive employees. Our system gives you the ability to define contacts by using ‘distance between employee’ and ‘time’ as metrics. Using our analytics we can trace how long they have been in touch for, and where these contacts took place in the workplace allowing you to better manage COVID-19 hot spots in the office.
  • Send instant broadcast alerts to your employees. These could be company-wide health policy updates.
  • Send private exposure alerts. OkDetect will automatically detect any employees who have been in contact with an infected employee and allow your HR department to send private exposure alerts to them without causing chaos in the office.
  • Alert employees when violating social distancing in the office. Employees will be alerted in real-time if they are within 2m/6'6`` from each other. Our system is also designed for workplaces where employees may already spend some time in close proximity. To avoid unnecessary alerts, OkDetect will allow you to set time-based criteria.
  • All employee data is anonymized, and OKDetect is GDPR compliant. None of the data is stored on our servers. We ensure double security, and only authorised devices & users can detect each other and join the contact tracing system.
  • Use our advanced dashboard to analyze contact detection and screening data to implement informed decisions and build proactive strategies to protect your workforce in a smart way.
OkDetect detection technology.
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OkDetect wearable tags

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Automatic user alerts via LED, sound or vibration

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What our customers have to say

"Our company was looking for a Health Management System that would give our employees peace of mind as they resume to their work activities. We looked for a white label solution around the world, and OkDetect was the contact tracing application that met our needs - secure, available for deployment within a short notice, tried and tested, and in compliance with our privacy policies. They have experience in this space and have proven to be a trustworthy partner. “ Jean-Pierre Young Partner and Advisory Leader, PwC Mauritius
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