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General Questions

  • Why is contact tracing so important with COVID-19?

    Contact tracing enables continuous monitoring of individuals who have been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19, so to proactively inform and protect them – helping to break the chain of transmission of the virus.

  • Why is contact tracing important for business organizations?

    Leveraging our technology allows you to take action against the risk of a COVID-19 infection seriously impacting your operations, and allow your employees to perform their daily activities while feeling safe.
    You can proactively monitor the health of your workforce and quickly react to any positive cases that might appear, reducing the likelihood of a wider outbreak in your company.

  • How does contact tracing work?

    Contact tracing is the process of collecting (anonymous) information on all individuals each employee comes in contact with on a daily basis. The process is automated and performed by our software, running in the background on your employees’ smartphones.

  • What does contact tracing software do?

    OkDetect is a complete solution that covers your business’s contact tracing needs with three key elements:

    1. Daily symptoms check-in – OkDetect’s app provides a daily prompt to employees to gather active symptoms, and help you identify anyone who may be experiencing distress due to COVID-19 infection.
    2. Automated contact tracing – OkDetect’s technology enables background collection of data on employees interaction, as well as time and location of each proximity episode. This data is anonymously collected and stored on secure servers, accessed only when strictly necessary.
    3. Workforce alerting – As individuals are tested and eventually reported positively infected, all other employees they came in touch with over the previous 14days can be easily alerted and prompted to get tested – to efficiently contain any further spread.
  • Can the daily employee check-in be customized?


  • Who is notified when there is potential exposure?

    Potentially exposed individuals can be directly notified from HR Portal users with the necessary authorization.

  • Does the system send out the alerts to potentially infected employees via the app?

    Yes, but only after the alerts have been manually triggered via the Dashboard.

  • How frequently is the data updated?

    Data is updated in real-time and collection happens continuously. If an employee’s personal device is momentarily offline, data will be sent to OkDetect’s servers as soon as it becomes available.

  • Does the system use proprietary technology?

    Our solution is strictly focused on security and privacy, and OkDetect adopts a patent-pending security model that uses digital certificates to protect the integrity of our solution against man-in-the-middle attacks and provides means of establishing authenticity for all involved devices.

  • Who is using this technology?

    Multinationals like Unilever and PwC, as well as service companies in the entertainment industry.

    Outside OkDetect, our technology is used in production by PoS companies and we’re further expanding in the payments vertical leveraging our security model.

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